Small Hinges

Small hinges are, as the name implies, smaller in size than most other hinges. However, in this context, the term “small hinges” does not refer to one specific kind of hinge, but rather any type of hinge that is small. Examples of hinges are that are often small, or that can be made small, include butt hinges, shutter hinges, butterfly hinges, concealed hinges, stop hinges, quadrant hinges and latch hook hinges.

Small hinges work well with many delicate projects and pieces, such as jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, dollhouses and mini cabinet drawers. They are more often used for home improvement or DIY projects, but they are also commonly used in small industrial products. Home improvement projects that require small hinges include frameless shower door installation and window shutter installation.

Examples of DIY hobby projects for which small hinges may be needed are: model train set building, model railroad set building and shipbuilding. In the industrial market, small hinges can be found in electronic devices like laptops, in workstations, and in many other small scale products and applications. Small hinges are also frequently used in the world of woodworking. They range in detail from the very plain to the elaborate. Especially with jewelry boxes and cigar boxes, it is common for a customer to seek out antique or antique-style hinges.

Small hinges come in a variety of materials and finishes. They are most often made of solid brass. Brass is highly malleable but sturdy and corrosion resistant, and it responds well to coating materials. Those who do not want a plain brass finish for their hinges often request them coated in nickel, black nickel, bronze or antique brass. Some hinges are also made of iron, frequently to emphasize an antique or decorative look.

Small hinges can be purchased in person at a hardware store, through a store online or directly through a manufacturer. Small hinges meant for crafts can even be bought at craft stores or large supermarkets. Some companies accept custom hinge orders. When ordering hinges, a customer will also want to consider buying screws and other fasteners at the same time, to ensure he or she gets all the right sizes and materials for the project.

Small Hinges A hinge is a mechanical bearing that connects two solid objects, usually only allowing a limited angle of rotation. Hinges can be many different sizes, shapes and materials.