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Due to the ease of cleaning, moving, and painting lift-off hinges offer, they have become a common component of cabinet and door designs. The terms slide joint, loose joint, take apart, and detachable are only a few of the many names for these adaptable and strong hinges. Whatever name is given to these distinctive hinges, they all share the same user-friendly and robust design, which makes them ideal for all kinds of door applications.Read More…

Lift Off Hinge There are times when doors have to be removed to allow for the delivery of a large appliance or during redecorating and painting. With pin and wing hinges, that means removing the pin with a hammer and screwdriver to remove the door. In most cases, the pin is wedged in the door and has to be struck several times to loosen and remove it.

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Brookfield Industries is a manufacturer of high-capacity door hinges and pivots. We also manufacture special application door operators with a full-line of detention grade and industrial stainless steel hinges with capacities ranging from 300 lbs to 50 tons. We offer seven categories of hinges, and within those categories we offer several subcategories – we can meet your company’s hinge needs.

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We are here to provide you with any hinge you could ever possibly need! We are the hinge specialists committed to bringing you a level of customer service that is unmatched by the competition.

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Hardware Mfg. supplies stock inventory parts in addition to creating custom components for OEM and resellers. We work with a number of different industries such as agriculture, drug tablet, livestock, truck equipment, conveyors, and more.

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Specializing in custom-made hinges is what Hinge & Hardware is known for. We also stock certain types of standard models to round out the availability for our customers. The aforementioned are available as mild steel, aluminum and stainless. We also have a wider hardware line that includes door seals, gaskets, handles, a variety of latches and enclosure hardware.

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Lift-off hinges are particularly helpful for businesses to receive frequent deliveries of large items that would not otherwise fit through the door. That issue is completely solved because the entire door can be removed. Additionally, they are practical at peak traffic times of the day when a typical hinge would experience significant wear and tear. Lift-off hinges also offer a straightforward option for applications requiring more space than the door already uses.

Brass Lift off Hinge

Lift-Off Hinge Design

A lift-off hinge has two parts that easily fit together by a shaft attached to the male hinge, unlike the typical hinge with three parts with a pin and two wings. A pin affixed and firmly fastened to the stationary surface of the male hinge connects the two wings or leaves, one of which is male and the other female. While the male hinge is attached to the door, the female hinge is fastened to the door's frame.

The male hinge, which is attached to the door, may be swiftly and easily taken off the female hinge thanks to the innovative design of lift-off hinges. This design makes it possible to remove a door several times without using tools or removing fasteners. The open door must simply be grasped on both sides, then lifted straight up in one action. The door's male hinge easily disengages from the female hinge, enabling the door to be set aside for unimpeded passage.

The Manufacturing Process of Lift-Off Hinges

When it comes to the materials used in their construction or how they are constructed, the pin and wing hinge and the two-piece wing hinge are very similar. Each kind starts with a sheet of metal that is sheared to the appropriate size for the hinge. When the plates are sheared, a die is used to punch and shape them into the shape of the hinge. Drilled holes are used in hinges with screw holes. The sheared parts are bent to make the pin holes, and the pins are then permanently fastened to the male hinge.

Lift Off Stainless Steel Hinge

Applications of Lift-Off Hinges

Because they are convenient and simple to create, lift-off hinges have many applications. For example, easy-to-remove doors streamline the delivery process in offices that regularly receive large goods while minimizing commotion.

There are situations where an emergency access technique is necessary. For example, bathrooms and other doors that need to be locked for privacy must have specialized hinges that can be removed quickly in assisted living resident houses. Lift-off hinges are the solution to ever-changing circumstances. For example, they could be positioned on either side of a doorway (with the male attached to the door and the female attached to the door frame or the female on the door and the male on the door frame). The male is fitted with the pin facing upward when the male and female positions are reversed.

Heavy doors employed in research and development to protect facilities from radiation contamination use lift-off hinges. The medical business requires heavy, lead-lined doors for use with radiation and neutron shielding, vault doors, and various medical equipment which also use lift-off hinges because of their robustness. In the military and defense industries, lift-off hinges are used on large doors in secure places, transports, and armored vehicles. They are often used in domestic settings for doors, windows, cabinets, TV racks, and other household items.

Heavy-duty lift-off hinges are used on the massive processing containers in chemical processing companies to protect the environment. These hinges are also included on shipping containers to keep them tightly shut.

Advantages of Lift-Off Hinges

Simple Access

For places that could need quick access, lift-off hinges can be helpful. This is beneficial for bathroom doors where there is a chance of sliding, falling, and suffering harm. Particularly when it's a child's room, an elderly person's room, or a room for a person with special needs, they are useful to have on bedroom doors. These make it simple to raise doors without the need to remove fasteners thus saving lives.

Wide Range

Lift-off hinges come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, just like any other type of hinge. Therefore, they may readily match other door hardware when installed at home or at any other property. Depending on personal preference, there are numerous lift off hinge choices.They can also be created with added visual appeal.

Chrome Lift off Hinge

Disadvantages of Lift-Off Hinges

After being used for a while, lift-off hinges might become loose. Since the hinges are screwed in, the damage to the furniture is increased. The hinge itself can be challenging to replace when it becomes outdated. Simply because of an improperly working hinge, one might need to replace their furniture. A loose hinge creates risk and might result in accidents around the house.

The durability of lift-off hinges is typically lower than that of unseen hinges. Selecting the right lift-off hinge demands great consideration, particularly when applying heavy material. Strong lift-off hinges are still relatively expensive to produce in large quantities, which may lower their quality.

Choosing the Proper Lift-Off Hinge Supplier

To ensure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing lift-off hinges from a lift-off hinge supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of lift-off hinge suppliers. Each lift-off hinge supplier has a business profile page illustrating their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each lift-off hinge company website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple lift-off hinge companies with the same form.

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