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Over the years countless hinge models and configurations have been introduced. Examples include barrel hinges, pivot hinges, butt hinges, case hinges, continuous hinges, concealed hinges, butterfly hinges, flag hinges, strap hinges, H hinges, HL hinges and numerous other models. Each is able to provide its own attributes, making our lives much easier.

Of all the possible models and configurations, the butt hinge is the most basic. It consists of two plates, often referred to as leaves that are machined on one of its edges. The machining process allows the two ends to interlock with each other. These interlocking ends are like fingers which will then be curled into a circular shape called knuckles. The knuckles are aligned and then a pin is inserted which is able to join the leaves and form the completed hinge. Many modifications can be made even to this basic model, gaps can be placed, different materials can be used, sizes vary, etc.

More advanced hinge models can include the friction hinge, which is able to provide fluid motion while also providing movement resistance. A common example in which this product is used is a laptop computer. The hinge allows the screen to open and close, but also allows it to remain in the open position during use. This protects the screen from sudden slamming and is also makes it possible for the screen to conduct electrical components to and from the base. All hinges are able to provide countless benefits, the exact model needed will depend on the application.


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