Custom Hinges

Custom hinges are no different as they are made to your specifications and the requirements of your application. While all hinges serve the same purpose, the way in which they do so is different depending on the work environment, application, and industry in which they are used. There are a number of different options when shopping for the right hinge, so we encourage you to reach out to trusted, custom hinge manufacturers who can help you decide on which style, material and other features are right for you and your unique application.

First, it is important to know the many different types of hinges that might be useful in your application. From barrel hinges to butterfly hinges, knowing how each hinge functions is the first step in manufacturing your custom hinge. Hinges all serve relatively the same purpose but a pivot hinge operates differently than a case hinges, and continuous hinges are much different than a friction hinge.

Custom NEMA Hinges
Custom Hinges – Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products (SPEP)

Butterfly hinges are great for desks and similar applications, while a concealed hinge is often found on furniture doors. With over twenty different styles to choose from, finding an experienced custom hinge manufacturer is necessary when searching for the perfect custom hinge for your application. And once you settle on the right style of design, you must ensure that the manufacturer is able to work with the material you require for your application.

The majority of hinges are constructed from metals, but others can be made from plastics or other materials according to your needs and the work environment of your application.

Whatever your need may be, we cannot stress enough that if you want custom hinges designed and manufactured for your specific application, finding the right custom hinge manufacturer is the best first step to take outside of knowing and understanding your application and needs.

Custom Hinges Hinges are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They can be manufactured from a wide range of materials and each style fits a certain application. As with all things, having the ability to customize is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best possible solution to your needs.