Flag Hinges

Flag hinges can be manufactured with a number of different materials depending on what the application requires, so while a metal flag hinge is the most common type, flag hinges made from plastic and other materials are not out of the ordinary. Because of the way the male end of the hinge fits into the female end of the hinge, flag hinges promote an easy way to remove the door if needed as flag hinges are really only secured by gravity.

To go into that a bit further, the way a flag hinge works is that the male end of the hinge is attached to the door or other piece of material while the female end is attached to the frame. Both pieces are mounted vertically to allow for horizontal movement. In order to fit the two pieces together the male end is simply lowered into the female end and is secured with a plate and pin, this is where gravity takes over.

The name flag hinge comes from the look of the male end of the hinge as it closely resembles the look of a flag and flagpole. Flag hinges can be modified and manufactured differently in order to better fit an application. The thickness, size, weight, and material can be customized depending on your needs and specifications.

Because a flag hinge can be made to order, it is important to find a reliable flag hinge manufacturer who is willing and able to listen to your application requirements and specifications. The manufacturers will be able to suggest the best possible design for your flag hinges. It is also important to note that applications that utilize flag hinges often have multiple hinges in place in order to ensure that the door has stable and smooth movement.

Finding the right flag hinge manufacturer is the best way to ensure that you receive a flag hinge that will provide you with the stability and smooth movement needed for your application.

Flag Hinges Hinges come in a variety of styles, which all work to serve different applications by offering unique features. One of these styles is the flag hinge, which is most commonly found on doors. This hinges consists of two different parts that work together to ensure that the door both opens and closes properly, along with ensuring that the door is securely attached to the door frame.