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A friction hinge operates by establishing a predetermined tolerance between the mechanical parts. A special kind of hinge known as a frictional hinge features smooth motion and angle retention. It operates on the idea of torque, which may be produced by exerting a specific force. Read More…

Friction Hinges Friction hinges are tools used to allow for the controlled movement of doors, container lids, laptop screens and other movable, planar objects that are joined with other objects. Friction hinges are among the most complex of all hinge varieties because of their advanced nature and the wide variety of applications in which they are used.

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Torque is a unit of measurement for the force needed to spin an object. Friction is created in these hinges by additional modifications like springs or lubricants.

Doors and windows have friction hinges on both sides, and force is exerted when they are opened or closed. These hinges are made to open or close partially and stay in a specific position for a specified time. Friction hinges can be tailored to a person's specific requirements. They can be customized as one-way hinges, which only have resistance on one side, or two-way hinges, which allow for damping on either side. The tailored designs can provide variables in viscosity, temperature tolerance, and resistance capabilities.

MA-685 Series Friction Hinge

Features of a Friction Hinge

  1. Torque Requirement

    The hinge must have the correct torque for the application to function.

  2. Box Size

    The hinge's effectiveness affects the package's size. A tiny container will provide the product's design with greater freedom.

  3. Life Requirement

    The number of times the hinge will open or close is based on how long the application is anticipated to last.

  4. Dynamic Torque

    Dynamic torque is the hinge's resistance as it rotates.

  5. Static Torque

    Monitoring the resistance needed to initiate the hinge rotation is crucial.

Additional features include the spring back feature, free play, aesthetic appeal, environmental conditions, and custom designs.

Types of Friction Hinges

Depending on how they are used, friction hinges can be classified into three primary categories:

  1. Friction Stay Hinge

    Variable friction stay hinges are used to open and close windows securely and safely. The three subtypes of friction stay hinges are the standard friction stay hinge, the restricted friction stay hinge, and the easy clean friction stay hinge.

    Friction Stay Hinge
  2. Side Hung Friction Hinge

    When a window is opened, side hung friction hinges are made to resemble a door opening.

  3. Top Hung Friction Hinges

    These hinges are used in windows with handles positioned at the bottom.

    Top Hung Friction Hinge

Materials used

Certain materials are employed in its construction depending on how the hinge will be utilized. The following are the areas of emphasis:

  1. Fabrication skills
  2. Physical characteristics
  3. Corrosion protection
  4. Mechanical toughness
  5. External components

Which material is ideal for the application depends on these variables: Stainless steel, aluminum material, stainless 316 steel, steel hinges, cold- and hot-rolled steel, galvanized steel, brass alloy, 18-8 stainless steel, titanium material, and copper material are typical materials used in the manufacturing of hinges.

Working of Friction Hinges

  • The precise tolerances between the mechanical parts are engineered to provide friction hinges for their desired function.
  • Extra material, such as springs and lubricant, is sometimes used to produce the necessary resistance level or dampen the hinge action.
  • Sometimes, the intention is for the thing on the hinge to close entirely and swiftly. Others employ torque to hold one or both of the items the hinges are attached to in a certain orientation, rather than only in the completely open or closed state.
  • They are made to move by force with a precise amount of torque greater than their rated torque when employed to keep one of the pivoting components in place.
SB 188 Series Friction Hinge

Applications of Friction Hinges

  • They are most often used in doors and windows because they allow the hinge much flexibility without compromising its strength.
  • Lateral forces can be resisted using frictional hinges. They could be very useful in loading docks and other locations where a doorway sees a steady flow of people.
  • Adjustable laptop displays, movable automobile sun visors, portable DVD player screens, and a variety of other hinged, planar objects would be worthless without them.
  • A laptop should not use continuous or simple butt hinges since they would cause the lid to slam shut unless they were supported in some way. Frictional hinges must thus be used.

Benefits of Friction Hinges

  • Because the exterior rubber strip does not need to be broken, the window's seal is improved.
  • The window's maximum opening angle can be controlled. A second arm must be attached to the hinge to adjust the opening angle.
  • When the friction hinge is opened, there is space to clean the window from within the room, removing the possibility of someone slipping out.
  • Friction hinges are more wind pressure-resistant than hinge hinges, which require wind bracing to maintain wind pressure resistance.
  • They are comparatively inexpensive and a less expensive option that does the same task.

Choosing the Correct Friction Hinge Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing friction hinges from a friction hinge supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of friction hinge suppliers. Each friction hinge supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each friction hinge business website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple friction hinge companies with the same form.

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